Aspen Plus: Process Simulation with Aspen Polymers

Продолжительность очно
3 дн.
Продолжительность VILT
3 дн.
Формат обучения
очно, Virtual Instructor-Led Training - VILT
1 935
О курсе
  • After completing this training course you will be able to model polymerization processes using Aspen Polymers.  Through a combination of classroom-style instructions and hands-on workshops, you will learn to:
  • Define a complete polymer process flowsheet model, including the polymer characterization, the unit operations, and the physical property models
  • Specify various polymerization kinetic schemes, starting from background theoretical information, to their implementation and use in Aspen Polymers
  • Use reactor tuning parameters, as they apply to variables in a polymer process, in order to achieve convergence
  • Estimate polymer properties and also regress them from experimental data
  • Perform engineering studies and plant data fitting
  • Apply models to test concepts for plant improvements
Для кого этот курс
  • R&D staff responsible for developing polymer process models
  • Anyone interested in optimizing their polymer processes and improving the plant productivity and product quality 
  • Anyone who wishes to learn about modeling polymer systems

Learn how to use Aspen Polymers to model polymerization processes. Acquire knowledge on polymer thermodynamics and phase equilibria and the modeling approach for polymerization kinetics. Understand the basic steps for developing polymer process models.

Требуемые знания и навыки
  • Must have attended “EAP101 Aspen Plus: Process Modeling” training course or have a good working knowledge of using Aspen Plus
  • EAP201 Aspen Plus: Physical Properties for Process Engineers
Приобретаемые навыки
  • Gain an overview of the key modeling issues for polymer processes
  • Acquire knowledge about polymer thermodynamics and phase equilibria
  • Learn the modeling approach for a variety of polymerization kinetics
  • Understand the basic steps for quickly and successfully developing polymer process models
  • Know how to use Aspen Polymers in combination with Aspen Plus to develop advanced models of polymerization processes