Advanced Administration and Operation of Hitachi NAS Platform v12.x

Код: TCI2623

Продолжительность очно: 3 дн.

Продолжительность VILT: 3 дн.

Формат обучения: очно, Virtual Instructor-Led Training - VILT

О курсе

This 3 day course includes information about general storage guidelines, as well as Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) and its best practices when using the Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) system. This course includes command line interface (CLI) commands to administer basic, as well as advanced functionality of the system management unit (SMU) and server node configuration, clustering, system drives, storage pools, Enterprise Virtual Server (EVS), aggregates, file system and virtual volumes.

Lab activities are included for practice of the concepts presented in the course.

The course materials and lab activities are based on firmware version 12.1.3613.xx also referenced as Bat-1.

Для кого этот курс


 Suggested Audience

  • Implementation and Support

Требуемые знания и навыки

Previous experience working with Hitachi NAS Platform

Приобретаемые навыки

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Set up, control and monitor Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) clusters from the command line
  • Describe storage throughput and bottlenecks with HNAS
  • Describe Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning(HDP) best practices and pitfalls with HNAS
  • Use the command line interface (CLI) to perform tasks:
    • System drives
    • Storage pools
    • Networking
    • Troubleshooting
    • Enterprise virtual machines
    • File systems
    • Virtual volumes


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