Red Hat Services Management and Automation

Код: RH358

Продолжительность очно: 5 дн.

Продолжительность VILT: 5 дн.

Формат обучения: очно, Virtual Instructor-Led Training - VILT

О курсе

Learn how to configure, manage, and scale key services used in the data center

Red Hat Services Management and Automation (RH358) is designed for IT professionals with some experience managing Linux® systems and want to learn more about how to manage and deploy network services included with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux which are particularly important in the modern IT data center. You will learn how to install, configure, and manage basic configurations of these services manually, and then use Red Hat Ansible® Engine to automate your work in a scalable, repeatable manner.

This course is based on Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1.

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Для кого этот курс

Linux system administrators, site reliability engineers, and other IT professionals with some Ansible experience who are interested in learning how to manage and automate the deployment, configuration, and operation of key network services included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

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Требуемые знания и навыки

Be a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, or demonstrate equivalent skills in Linux system administration and Ansible automation.

Приобретаемые навыки

In this course, you will learn key system administration skills needed to set up and provide network services that are frequently used by servers and their applications in enterprise data centers. You will gain an understanding of how to manually manage these services, and you will also prepare Ansible playbooks to automate manual configuration tasks and perform them at scale.


  1. Manage network services
  2. Configure link aggregation
  3. Manage DNS and DNS servers
  4. Manage DHCP and IP address assignment
  5. Manage printers and printing files
  6. Configure email transmission
  7. Configure MariaDB SQL databases
  8. Configure web servers
  9. Optimize web server traffic
  10. Provide file-based network storage
  11. Access block-based network storage
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