Introduction to Hitachi Vantara Solutions for Big Data Analytics

Код: TOI2840

Продолжительность очно: 3 дн.

Продолжительность VILT: 3 дн.

Формат обучения: очно, Virtual Instructor-Led Training - VILT

Цена: $1,920 - Partners
$2,700 - Customers

О курсе

This 3 day course provides an introduction to analytics theory, concepts, tools, and methodology. It also covers Hitachi Vantara hardware and software solutions for a variety of analytics tasks, including collecting and processing streaming data, blending and enriching data, and managing analytic workloads.

This course includes hand-on labs that will enable you to build visualizations in Pentaho Business Analytics, blend and enrich data with Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), and collect and analyze streaming data using Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP). 

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Course Availability

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Partners 

Требуемые знания и навыки

Приобретаемые навыки

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe big data and the major challenges of big data
  • Explain Hadoop and how it addresses the challenges of big data 
  • Identify the common software tools and their usage for analytics
  • Explain how analytics tools drive organizational decision making
  • Describe the common analytics methodology
  • Explain common statistical software packages/tools
  • Describe the big data solutions of Hitachi
  • Explain Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Describe Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP) and its positioning in the solution architecture
  • Provide some use cases to explain how HSDP enables geo-distributed analytics 


Content Modules

  • Big Data Introduction
  • Tools and Methodology
  • Introduction to Hitachi Vantara Big Data Solutions Pentaho
  • Hitachi Streaming Data Platform (HSDP)

Learning Activities — Labs

  • Getting Started With Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Building Transformations in Pentaho Data Integration
  • Executing a Simple Analysis Using HSDP
  • Rapid Prototyping a Streaming Analysis Solution (Optional)
  • Prototyping an IoT Solution (Optional)
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