Advanced Provisioning for Hitachi Unified Storage

Код: TSI1950

Продолжительность очно: 2 дн.

Продолжительность VILT: 2 дн.

Формат обучения: очно, Virtual Instructor-Led Training - VILT

Цена: $1,800 - Customers

О курсе

This 2 day instructor-led course provides details on the functionality of the software program products that can be installed and configured to improve and monitor the performance and efficiency of the Hitachi Unified Storage systems. Hands-on lab activities are included to reinforce the concepts presented during the theory sessions. Using the Unified Storage built-in Performance Monitor in the labs, you will gain an understanding of the performance and efficiency benefits that will achieve. You will use server-based software programs for generating workloads on the Unified Storage systems and real-time monitoring will show the positive effects delivered by the various program products.

Для кого этот курс

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Требуемые знания и навыки

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Hitachi Data Systems storage technology concepts and architecture
  • Basic operation and management of Hitachi Unified Storage

Приобретаемые навыки

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Use the Performance Monitor to monitor performance and export performance data
  • Use the Cache Partition Manager to optimize cache utilization for different workloads
  • Describe Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning techniques including thin provisioning and over provisioning
  • Implement Hitachi Dynamic Tiering
  • Expand Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning to a mixed SSD/SAS/NL-SAS disk drive utilization


Content Modules

  • Performance Monitor
  • Cache Partition Manager (CPM)
  • Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP)
  • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT)

Learning Activities — Labs

  • Performance Monitor
  • Cache Partition Manager
  • Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning
  • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering 
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