Hitachi Content Platform Replication

Код: TXI6754

Продолжительность очно: 2 дн.

Продолжительность VILT: 2 дн.

Формат обучения: очно, Virtual Instructor-Led Training - VILT

О курсе

This course provides information on how replication works. It gives you insight on various link topologies and enables you to understand replication monitoring, failover management and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) recovery with a replica. Additionally, hands-on lab activities will enable you to gain practical experience and knowledge on how to set up replication between HCP systems.

Для кого этот курс

  • Install and Support
  • Implement and Integrate

Требуемые знания и навыки

Knowledge of Hitachi Content Platform management, and its GUI interfaces, such as System Management Console and Tenant Management Console

Приобретаемые навыки

When you complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) solution and latest updates
  • Discuss the HCP’s replication functionalities
  • Describe the various available HCP replication topologies
  • Identify the configuration process for HCP replication
  • Describe the HCP Erasure Coding based replication
  • Explain the hardware and networking considerations for HCP replication
  • Explain how to monitor and manage the HCP replication process


  1. HCP Replication Overview
  • Module Objectives
  • Hitachi Content Platform Replication
  • HCP Replication
  • Replication of Tenants and Namespaces
  • HCP Replication Links
  • HCP Replication Link Types
  • What Is Replicated Using Links
  • HCP Replication Links
  • Exercise: Raise Your Hands If You Know It!
  • Replication Link Security
  • Security
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Radius Authentication
  • Exercise: Raise Your Hands If You Know It!
  • Further Considerations
  • Release Level Compatibility
  • Replication and Migrations

2.    HCP Update

  • Module Objectives
  • HCP Release 9
  • HCP Release 9.0.0 Overview
  • HCP G11: Node – HCP G10 Comparison
  • Active Learning Exercise: Follow the Manual
  • HCP Release 9.0.0
  1. HCP Replication Topologies
  • Module Objectives
  • Active/Active Replication Topologies
  • Simple Active/Active Replication
  • Simple Active/Active Replication: Use Case
  • Active/Active Replication Ring
  • Active/Active Ring Replication: Use Case
  • Active/Active With Disaster Recovery
  • Active/Active With Disaster Recovery: Use Case
  • Exercise: How Does It Apply?
  • Active/Passive Replication Topologies
  • Simple Active/Passive Replication
  • Active/Passive Replication: Use Case
  • Active/Passive Many to One Replication
  • Active/Passive Many to One Replication: Use Cases
  • Active/Passive Chained Replication
  • Active/Passive Chained Replication: Use Case
  • Active/Passive One to Many Replication
  • Active/Passive One to Many Replication: Use Case
  • Many-to-One Replication and Disaster Recovery
  • Exercise: How Does It Apply?
  • Additional Topologies
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Replication
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Replication: Use Case
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Chained Replication
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Chained Replication: Use
  • Case
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Chained Replication and
  • Disaster Support
  • Bidirectional Active/Passive Chained Replication With
  • Disaster Support
  • Geo-Distributed Protection
  • Geographically Distributed Data Protection
  1. HCP Replication Configuration
  • Module Objectives
  • Secure Communication in HCP Replication
  • Secure Communication
  • Demo
  • Replication Links and Content Selection
  • Replication Links
  • Create a Replication Link
  • Considerations for Creating Link
  • Select Content for Replication
  • Demo
  • Link Modification and Deletion
  • Considerations for Link Modification
  • Modify a Replication Link
  • Considerations for Link Deletion
  • Delete a Replication Link
  • Demo
  • Replication Collisions
  • Replication Collision Handling
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